Altair Lumen Indeficiens Omnium Sancrotum Aeterna Beatitudo


The Brotherhood of Altair (Latin: Sodalitas Vulturis Volantis); or, more commonly, S:.V:.V:. is an organization devoted to the research, study and practice (or practical applications) of neuroecological development, noumena manipulation, ritual indoctrination and parapsychological activities.

S:.V:.V:. was first active in the U.S. and focused its practices on experimental theurgy and spiritual-temporal transcendence. Many present-day concepts, such as Psychological Operations, were inspired by theS:.V:.V:., which became one of the largest single influences on 20th-century Western perception.

The “founder”, Altair, was a Mystic, Poet, Philosopher, Composer, Politician, Carpenter, Optician, and active member of Societas Logos (S.L.). Altair, and his phenomenology, appear to have been the driving force behind the establishment of the S.V.V. following the Department of Convolution’s accrual of Altair’s “Summations”. The Secretary of the DOC wrote, in 1888:

The New Aeon is a Man. This man is all men, all women. Altair has written about “the spectacular shackle of ticks & tocks”; I knew, suddenly, the regime and its dogma’s faulty design were ready for collapse.

The S.V.V.’s systems and theoretical visions are based on evolutionary hierarchy while its initiatory modalities are dependent upon the focal subject. For example, in their case study of 1932, known as the “Trials of Ares Rising”, all initiates/subjects were admitted based on a single determining factor – Ares rising.



The name Aṭ-ṭāʾir was once invoked as a source of power. A few surviving texts of Syro-Mesopotamian origin provide evidences of this attribution: two Aramaic incantations containing the same magical formula, found at Nippur, and an amulet written in Syriac on parchment. Both the incantations invoke Altair as a Holy Power, such that the protective operation is performed in the name of the Great Lord Aṭ-ṭāʾir (aṭ-ṭāʾir mry’ rb’). The Amulet bears inscriptions which still remain untranslated, though appear to be assorted godforms and names of Hebrew, Akkadian, and Aramaic origin. The most legible, and agreed upon, being Alta’ir, Lord of the Universe (aly’r mr’ kl). An Arabic manuscript now held at the University of Glasgow Library is entitled The Books of Alta’ir on the Secret Revolutions of the Optical Nativities, as ‘Adan ibin al-Farruhan at-Tabarzgar Translated It from Akkadian into Arabic, it being The Invocations of Red.


Between 1707 and 1717, two treatise were published under the name Alta’ir, first in Czechslovakia and later throughout Europe. These were LIBER VENTIS and LIBER PELAGIS.

LIBER VENTIS detailed the “Ampitheatre of G-dforms”, an Alchemical treatise on a variety of “Operations” one must perform in order to obtain the “Key to the Silence”. Some of these “Operations” would not be feasible until the late 1800’s, due to technological impossibliity at the time of it’s publication. Other “operations” involved “Awakening Methods” for what would be later known as the temporal-parietal junction.

LIBER PELAGIS is composed of a series of hermetic/allegorical dialogues; thirteen of which are named “Confessions of a Cloud”. One such passage urges its readers to realize the importance of “phenomenal comprehension beyond suffering”, whilst others are a “guide to detachment”. The final page states:

All Who Comprehend My Word Are Named Altair.
Be, Become, and Create. Create Being-Becoming.

Here is revealed the summation of our organization’s praxis.


The aim of the Sodalitas Vulturis Volantis is to afford psychodynamic, ritualistic indoctrination through experimental Arts (and neuroengineered compartments); and in providing experiential methods revealing the secrets of the Art; to facilitate the study of the system of thought-form inception, founded upon the Venusian and Schugellian Priests and the doctrine of Altair which was inculcated by the original Fratres Vulturis Volantis A.D. 1777; and to investigate the signifiers and symbols of all that now representationally exists of the Sound, Image and Word of the Cyclical One.

In an effort to express the Ineffable, all experiments of S:.V:.V:.. as an extension of the Department of Convolution act as a facet of Application.